A full spectrum of classes and services

105+ classes per week in yoga, cardio, strength, cycling, and wellness.

The industry’s most advanced and highest quality equipment for all our fitness programs.

Circuit Studio with 16 stations of boxing, rowing, ropes and incline training.

Cardio Deck Circuit with top-of-the-line Woodway treadmills, ellipticals, and body weight stations.

Cutting edge use of technology to enhance instruction and maximize benefit, including:

  • measurement and monitoring with cloud-based historical tracking;
  • use of video to teach form and optimal body use.

9 beautiful studios, including an outdoor rooftop, and a courtyard with a meditation labyrinth.

Services, including private sessions for training, yoga, pilates, stretch, and massage therapy (including Thai massage).

A personalized approach and community-oriented environment

Our beautiful space – a 1930’s renovated stone building that was once a U.S. post office – provides an inviting environment that conveys a sense of authenticity, longevity, and solidity.

Experience a positive and uplifting vibe within a true oasis nestled in the city. We think you’ll want to hang out here after your workouts! 

Our commitment to quality permeates the facility, the programming, and the attitude of our staff.

Our approach is for our staff to know each of our members and to work with you on a personal basis to set goals and design specific programs for you.

  • initial and follow-up personal assessments allow us to work together to customize your experience and meet your goals.
  • easy access to our instructors and our management team, so we can answer your questions and hear your feedback.

Enjoy a feeling of community and support that will inspire you to commit to your health and fitness.

Leading edge instruction

Our programs are designed and supervised by master instructor Robert Sherman, a pioneer and industry leader in education and program development.

Our philosophy is to constantly enhance and expand our offerings so you always have new directions to explore and new ways to progress.

Our teachers continue to expand their knowledge through ongoing instructor training.

Our elite staff of instructors has been carefully selected for their knowledge, experience, teaching ability, and rapport with students.

Special “off-campus” events invite members to experience the natural settings in our area, with activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, outdoor running, hiking, and yoga.

A plan based on your needs and goals

Getting fit and staying fit is something that has to be done intelligently. You need a plan for how to do it. Some people are experienced enough to develop their own fitness plans, and TRUEBODY provides an excellent environment for them to choose from a wide array of fitness activities that will challenge them and keep them improving.

However, most people need some support to determine the right fitness program for them and to adjust it over time. That’s where TRUEBODY’s fitness professionals come in!

Our job is to work on a personal level with each of you and develop your plan, based on your goals, needs, and preferences.

Figuring out the right mix of activities for you is the difference that will enable you to maximize your success. This is an advantage TRUEBODY offers that you won’t receive by joining a large club, or by using many separate single-activity studios.

Integrated Fitness

No matter what you enjoy in life, maintaining your health and fitness is the key to enjoying it as much as possible and for as long as possible. Health and fitness are not one-dimensional, so your approach to achieving these important goals shouldn’t be one-dimensional either!

If you’re currently exercising or practicing in a single “silo” of the health and fitness universe, then you are likely missing some crucial dimensions in your health and fitness program.

If you only practice yoga, or participate in CrossFit™, or Pilates, or you just work out with weights and resistance machines in the gym, or you just play a specific sport, then you will benefit significantly and rapidly from adding the missing dimensions into your program.

No matter what your current routine is, you will perform better, feel better, and protect yourself from injuries by taking a whole-body approach to exercise, learning better body use, and achieving a better understanding of the connection between your mind and your body. In other words, you will progress toward having your “true body” – something all of us can achieve with the right plan, some effort, and a realization that the process can be incredibly fun and rewarding.

An integrated approach to fitness means that you not only have access to multiple categories of offerings, but knowing how to combine them in the most effective way. That’s where many people get lost in large clubs that lack the personalized and integrated approach we have at TRUEBODY.

Why you’ll keep coming back 

Fitness and wellness should be fun. It’s something you should look forward to on a regular basis. 

It’s a break from other parts of your life and it provides some time you can dedicate to yourself. 

It should boost your energy, de-stress you, help you sleep better, and put you in a great mood.

If you don’t already feel that way, it’s not your fault – you just haven’t been in the right environment yet!

Regardless of what your fitness experience is, you need the right programs for your current level, and a path to keep improving.

You need a fitness destination that is welcoming, exciting, and always evolving, so you have new things to look forward to. 

TRUEBODY’s concept is to offer you all these things and provide the best fitness and wellness experience you’ll ever have.